YOANN CIMIER (France – 1974)


In 1995, he enters the Etablissement Cinématographique et Photographique Des Armées (ECPA) in Paris, where he officiates as librarian for the Department of movies archives. In 1998, he is trained at books and publishing trade in Nantes, co-edited a literary review, as well as several literature and poetry works of literary, published by Le Passeur, before to definitively going towards photography. Living in Tunisia since 2007, Yoann Cimier works freelance for printed press, advertising, industry and  develops personal photographic works, centered on humans and landscape.
His aesthetic approach observes and measures interactions between man and the environment. His technique - which relies in part on mastering chance - is that of a simple operator recording things in their natural state. By letting life, environment and chance fit themselves in the device’s eyes, the photographer puts together different parts in situ, in order to decipher a society through the landscape that it occupies, transforms and shapes to its image.
At the crossroad of documentary photography and plastic photography, the work of Yoann Cimier reveals a two-fold contemporary photography: the end of the document - which sublimates reality - and the outcome of the pictorial tradition that results in a painting.

Yoann Cimier lives and works in Sidi Bou Saïd, where he created his own workshop/ photography studio : Studio Zembra.